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Code of Conduct

As any D&D player can tell you, the “Rule of Cool” is the most basic rule. Same goes here. Keep it nice and friendly. If you have a question, please contact us.


Here’s some rules to keep in mind:

1 - All members of the server are expecting to respect other members, everyone is welcomed here. This includes treating each other with respect regarding, race, age, sexuality, gender, religion, and other physiological or ideological characteristics/beliefs.

2 -Do not engage in inappropriate conversation, insults, forcefully telling others how they should play or act, or other intentional behaviour that is negative, offensive or hurtful. If you have an issue with another person, settle it privately or message a GM/MOD.

3 -No NSFW Content! What you do in private is cool, but please keep it private. This is an all-ages server, so keep it in mind & keep things safe for work. No posting of nudity or sexual images, real life gore/violence, promoting of hateful speech or behaviour, foul language should be kept to a minimum and be respectful of all participants in chat.

4 - While in Voice Chat during a game or session, it is expected that all players give all other players a chance to speak and do not speak over them. It is reasonable to expect that some players will be more experienced and/or more comfortable when speaking and playing and that's perfectly fine, but all players should try to be respectful of everyone else in their session, trying to include them in party decisions and get everyone involved. The GMs will be doing their best to keep everyone involved and make sure all players are heard and allowed to speak as they are comfortable.

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